Advances in Networks

Special Issue

AI Transformations: Innovations and Challenges

  • Submission Deadline: 31 May 2024
  • Status: Submission Closed
  • Lead Guest Editor: Sunil Sharma
About This Special Issue
AI Transformations: Navigating Innovations and Confronting Challenges" explores the forefront of artificial intelligence's impact on healthcare, finance, and manufacturing. Unveiling groundbreaking innovations, the collection showcases AI's role in revolutionizing diagnostics, financial systems, and manufacturing processes. Simultaneously, it addresses the nuanced challenges, from ethical considerations and privacy concerns to sector-specific regulatory landscapes. This special issue offers a concise yet comprehensive exploration, guiding practitioners, researchers, and policymakers through the dual landscape of opportunities and obstacles presented by AI in these critical sectors. The profound impact of AI on these sectors has spurred a need for a concentrated examination of the transformations taking place. As AI technologies continue to mature, their applications are becoming more nuanced, with implications ranging from enhanced diagnostics and personalized medicine to intelligent financial systems and smart manufacturing processes. The backdrop of this special issue recognizes the imperative to explore the specific nuances within these sectors, providing a targeted analysis of the innovations and challenges arising from AI transformations. The significance of this special issue lies in its dedication to providing a focused lens on AI's transformative journey within key sectors. By narrowing the scope to healthcare, finance, and manufacturing, the special issue aims to distill insights into sector-specific challenges and innovations.
The primary objectives include:
(1) In-Depth Exploration
(2) Sector-Specific Challenges
(3) Knowledge Synthesis
(4) Practical Insights
(5) Ethical Considerations

Potential Topics or Research Areas:

  1. Healthcare Innovations
  2. Financial Technology (Fintech)
  3. Smart Manufacturing
  4. Ethical Considerations in Healthcare, Finance, and Manufacturing
  5. Regulatory Landscape
  6. Interdisciplinary Insights
Lead Guest Editor
  • Sunil Sharma

    Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University, Udaipur, India

Guest Editors
  • Yashwant Singh Rawal

    Parul Institute of Hotel Management & Catering Technology , Parul Univesity Vadodara, Gujarat, India

  • Abhay Sharma

    Department of Computer& Communication Engineering, Manipal University Jaipur, Jaipur, India

  • Amrut Anilrao Purohit

    Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University, Udaipur, India

  • Prashant Sharma

    Department of Computer Science Engineering, Mandsaur University, Mandsaur, India

  • Mayank Patel

    Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Rajasthan Technical University, Udaipur, India

  • Deepa Doultani

    Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, Calgary Institute, Calgary, Canada